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Cross-Border Purchasing

Canadian Currency Exchange

February 13, 2018

While there have been periods during 2009 through 2012 in which the CAD vs USD was at parity or even higher, the current 30 year average for the Loonie is around 78 cents USD. The chart above displays CAD vs USD from 1972 to 2018. Currently we are hovering very close to the mean average […]

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Phoenix Real Estate-The Buying Process

January 21, 2014

We start with conversation……..have you been to Greater Phoenix before? If so, do you have preferences of where you’d like to be? If not, then do you have friends or family that you’d like to be close to? What amenities or venues is it important to be close to ( The Phoenix Lifestyle ) such […]

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Estate Taxes- Implications for Canadians

January 8, 2013

Often we get asked about tax implications for Canadians to own property in the Greater Phoenix Real Estate area. While we have already discussed property tax for Canadians  in a separate article in this website as well as prior discussed potential income tax implications for Canadians ( such as rental income in the US) , […]

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How many days can a Canadian stay?

December 26, 2010

Often we get asked the question as to how long a Canadian can stay in Arizona. For those that have vacation homes here, and are coming down for weeks here and there, don’t have to be too concerned as they won’t come close to the 182 days that are typically allowed by US Homeland Security […]

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Arizona Taxes

September 13, 2010

Many times we have been asked questions about the taxes one would pay in Arizona surrounding the purchase and sale of Phoenix Arizona Real Estate. First of all there is no such thing as a Real Estate Transfer Tax in Arizona. There is in many other states such as California and for those that live […]

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