Global News-Home away from Home-Part 3

by Lavine Team on March 13, 2012

Part 3 of the Global TV News series called Home away from Home features a conversation with a Lavine Team client Gina Hommy speaking of her positive buying experience and of her perceived value in the Greater Phoenix Real Estate area.

Even though the equivalent home continued to diminish a wee bit in value after she purchased she was happy with the bargain basement priced deal that she struck on her great vacation home in Goodyear. In the last several months, values have been recovering around the valley due to high demand and shortage of inventory to the degree that a property similar in size to hers is worth a little more than what it was worth in 2009. Many experts are predicting that trend to continue.

Other important considerations to Canadians are tax implications should you rent out your home, sell your home or in the event of an untimely demise so it is a great idea to be aware of these issues and to plan accordingly.  The Lavine Team can guide you to get the education about taxation so that you can make a confident and excited decision to have that little piece of desert paradise! There are some good publications for Canadians considering a purchase or conducting business here available to read as well….click here to learn about them

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