Legal Talk

Phoenix legal issuesCanadians are currently the top out-of-state buyers of Greater Phoenix Area Real Estate. Canadians who wish to purchase a vacation home, retirement home or revenue property often will have questions to ask in regard to taxation issues, how they should take title and other considerations that are part of the learning process in order to make a wise purchase decision. Realtors are not authorized to give legal or accounting advice as this is not their area of expertise.

We recognize that you want some good sound advice so in addition to the excellent literary sources that we have mentioned on our main website under the Buying Process Section within the FAQ -Very Frequent Financial Questions. We wanted to be able to refer you to get some good professional advice from lawyers and accountants so we have enlisted a well known and respected firm with offices in Phoenix and in Calgary. We also can refer you to a real estate attorney who can give professional advice and represent you in a real estate transaction and assist with the escrow process.















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