Phoenix Real Estate-Condo or House?

by Lavine Team on October 25, 2010

Phoenix condo signMany Canadians are faced with the choice……should we buy a house or should we buy a condo in the Phoenix Real Estate area?

Probably everyone would love to have the extra square footage, privacy, bigger yard and appearance that a house has to offer. However many wonder if having a condo would make more sense for a vacation property due to the lock-and-leave aspect that condo living appears to offer. Having a condo community pool has the appeal of having no maintenance but having your own pool in a private yard has great appeal as well!

Who is going to look after the property on the outside so that you don’t have to worry about your investment?  Are you more visible as an absentee owner with a condo or a house? These valid questions and others need to be addressed when you are trying to make an investment decision in the Greater Phoenix area.

It’s a  dilemma that many Canadians have to decide upon……condo vs house. Some think that a condo is more of a lock and leave situation than a house but many would prefer to have the size and privacy of a house and so they will  hire a house-checking service, enlist watchful neighbors, have  family/friends coming & going and hire pool people/gardeners to look after the outside for roughly the $$ equivalent of what you would pay in condo fees anyways. As far as being noticed absent is concerned, condos could have an edge but an absentee condo owner  can be readily spotted or talked about just  as well. I would recommend having a security system in either property (as we do in Canada also)  and have the house checking service act as a first responder in case of an alarm being set off.
Only you can decide what is the most comfortable for you but if you want size and need 3 bedrooms or more there won’t be nearly as much to choose from with a condo search. The majority  of condos are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with most of the selection having a covered carport. If having a garage is important to you, the selection to choose from is much greater for a house than it is for a condo.  If you want a house then you can put together your little network of property caretakers/management as I mentioned above to look after your investment when you’re not around like so many do.

We are here to assist you with questions and concerns so that you can make a confident decision that you are excited about!

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